July 2015


Post Office Project Update

Hi Tieton Stamp Mosaic suppporters. I’m sorry to report that we have had to cancel this project. After cordial and friendly conversations with USPS upper management, Mayor Stan Hall and I agreed to pull the plug. News organizations started to report this story with anti-government/anti-USPS rants, which is NOT the story that should be told. […]

Yakima Herald: Postal Service should deliver different reply to Tieton group

Very important message about this project.

It’s been a wild day. We are nearly at our goal. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Postal Service has just told us that we do not actually have their blessing. This is sudden and unexpected news. I will spare you the nuances of status of the conversation, but I cannot […]

Come to the Trimpicnic tomorrow evening!

Thank you again. We are now officially two-thirds of the way.

Tieton Stamp Mosaic is over the halfway hump

It’s been a banner day for Tieton Stamp Mosaic Monument

Happy 4th of July

Yakima Herald: In Tieton, a campaign to create ‘the coolest post office in America’

Boosters want a new look for Tieton’s nondescript post office, and they already know a straightforward renovation simply won’t do.

Tieton Stamp Mosaic is off to a strong start. Thanks to our supporters!