Tieton Stamp Mosaic is over the halfway hump

July 12, 2015

. . . And we have a long way to go.

Yesterday was amazing. We set a goal to be half way to $48K last week, and we did it thanks to nearly 160 terrific supporters. It is deeply reassuring that we have so many good friends, community members, and complete strangers who love the idea. The named tiles are catching on, particularly from members of the Tieton community. Lucas presents to the Lions Club tomorrow night. Go Lucas!

We have a long way to go, of course, so after last night’s quick toast to our success, conversation quickly turned to the rest of the campaign. We have great things coming up.

One of the lessons we’ve learned in the past days is how much more effective direct contacts with potential donors is than sharing on FB. Social media gives good exposure and credibility, but the statistics are clear–it’s the personal asks that make things happen. Personal and individual outreach works makes it happen. If you are willing to go to others who may be interested, here is the link: http://kck.st/1U6101w

Here is the first of a few very short videos from the community expressing their support. Mayor Stan has been a booster from Day 1.

So thanks to every one of the 160 supporters we’ve received contributions from. You are champs, and we hope each of you live long, happy, creative lives, find big smiles at every turn, and feel a warm glow each time you stick a stamp on an envelope. You’ve earned bragging rights for years!