Thank you again. We are now officially two-thirds of the way.

July 14, 2015

And we love you Vickie!

Thank you contributors! Yesterday was a great big, successful day for us. We are rolling! Please share with other potential contributors. We want to award bragging rights to many!

This weekend, we are having a Trimpicnic in the Mighty Tieton Warehouse. All contributors are invited, and we welcome other generous souls to pledge on the spot. Bring a small dish, and a big smile. 6pm. 608 Wisconsin Avenue, Tieton.

The amazing sound artist Trimpin will demonstrate some of his delightful contraptions, including RedHot, Nancarrow Percussion Orchestra, Klompen, and more. We hope to see you there.

We’ve been recording our neighbors in Tieton to get their response to the Tieton Stamp Mosaic project. Here is one from Vickie Ennis, the town’s matriarch. She flipped flapjacks and burgers at Vickie’s Tieton Cafe for over forty years, and she’s still an active member of the community in her 90s. We love you Vickie! Here’s a link to her short video spot.