Come to the Trimpicnic tomorrow evening!

July 17, 2015

At the Mighty Tieton Warehouse. 6:00pm

To all of our wonderful contributors–previous and those to be–you are invited to the Mighty Tieton Warehouse Picnic tomorrow evening at 6pm. Celebrate our Kickstarter progress, enjoy a potluck. Bring a couple of generous friends and a dish to share. And come see and hear the amazing Trimpin perform and demonstrate his magical musical contraptions. RedHot, Nancarrow Percussion Orchestra, Pfffft!, and Klompen. They’ll all be there.

Yes, we take checks. Yes, we take cash. Yes, we can help you navigate the Kickstarter site. Yes, we can take credit cards. Yes, you can order named tiles. Yes, you can see some of the rewards in person. Yes, you will be able to visit the Mosaic Studio. Yes, you’ll have a fine time!

The weather is perfect. And we’d love to see you and to thank you in person. Please come.