Tying up loose ends

August 1, 2015

Dear Supporters:

Thanks to each of you we raised the money we needed to realize the Tieton Mosaic Project. Unfortunately, money wasn’t the issue. By now you probably know that upper management of the United States Postal Service stepped in and asked us to cancel our project, which we have done.

The Vice President of Facilities was gracious. He praised our design, the way we built community support, the plan for execution, and our ultimate goals. He told Mayor Stan Hall and me that he wished they had a mechanism in place to approve projects like ours. There isn’t one.

So what is next? We have received many suggestions for alternative plans, some of which are work-arounds to our original concept. However, you contributed to a specific project and we cannot in good conscience switch tracks with your funds. The pledges you made will not be charged when the campaign officially closes Monday afternoon, August 3. You do not need to do anything at this point to cancel your pledge and protect your money. Some individuals and families contributed cash and checks in support of the project. They will be notified individually in the next week to discuss how they would like those contributions handled.

Tieton Mosaic is under the management of Tieton Arts & Humanities, a not-for-profit entity. Many of you have expressed interest in redirecting your contribution to support Tieton Mosaic, and we welcome any and all contributions. These will be fully tax deductible. I cannot do that through Kickstarter. If you would like to, please send a check to:

Tieton Arts & Humanities, PO Box 171, Tieton, WA 98947. Indicate that it’s for the Mosaic Project. These funds will allow us to continue our apprenticeship program and studio development. Donations made for general programming help us to put on the 10xTieton exhibition, Día de los Muertos, LiTFUSE: A Poets’ Workshop, Trimpin Sound Space, artist residencies, and occasional school programs, art exhibitions and concerts throughout the year.

What else? We will be actively looking for mosaic signage commissions regionally and nationally. These aren’t likely to be as grand as the Post Office project, but who knows? In Tieton, we plan to start a community mosaic wall on the side of one of the buildings Mike and I own. We hope this will gradually evolve into a lively patchwork of color, tile, and community spirit in the years to come, as it helps us to train mosaic craftspeople in different techniques and materials.

The Tieton Mosaic Project signs around Tieton will be dedicated on Saturday, August 22 at Highland Community Days. We hope you can attend that celebration.

Finally, I want to tell each of you how much your support and endorsement of our Big Idea means to us personally. It’s both humbling and reassuring to know what wonderful friends and colleagues we have in Tieton, Yakima, the Northwest, and around the country. To those who don’t know us but who were inspired by the project itself, stay tuned. Don’t be a stranger!

My e-mail address is ed@mightytieton.com. mightytieton.com is the place to keep up with our many activities. tietonmosaic.com will keep you current on our mosaic studio and current work. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions . . . or commissions!

Cheers to you all.

Ed Marquand