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The Welcome to Tieton sign is officially complete. A special thank you to everyone who helped make this project possible. Without the City of Tieton (especially Mike, Jose and Mayor Stan!), Kerry Quint, and the Tieton Lions Club this sign wouldn’t have been possible, and major thank yous to Tieton Arts & Humanities, the National Endowment […]

“Welcome to Tieton” progress

The mosaic base and steel structure is in place for the final piece of our Tieton City Signs project. We’ve definitely saved the best (and biggest!) for last. This double sided sign will be 9.5 feet tall!


Mary Rolland is a painter who lives in her SOHO studio loft most of the year, and her Sun Valley studio each summer. Last year she visited Tieton and saw the mosaic studio. We started talking about a mosaic that would be appropriate for Sun Valley. She’s attached to both places, so we decided to […]

Inauguration Day

Tieton City Signs unveiling

We’re nearly there

Serena puts the finishing touches on one of the Tieton directional signs

The signs are up and ready for their inauguration at Highland Community Days. Join us on Saturday, August 22nd in the Tieton City Park at 11:30am for the official unveiling

Adding some steel

The sign structures are complete! Next step: Mosaic inserts

The columns are in place

Jeremy and Kerry work to get the mosaic sign bases in place

The sign bases are in place and ready for their new steel structures. Many thanks to Mike Henderson, Kerry Quint, Jose Muniz, Jeremy Howell and Lucas Spivey for all their hard work today

Sneak Peek

Studio Manager Steve Morgan works on a directional sign for the city of Tieton

The Tieton City Signs project is nearing completion. Four of the five signs will be ready for Highland Community Days on August 22nd, and the final Welcome to Tieton sign (which clocks in at 9.5ft tall!) will be completed in the following month. We hope to see you at the inauguration on Saturday, August 22nd […]

The Apprentices are Here!

The Making of Please!