Vintage Project

Community Projects

The NEA awarded TA&H a grant of $45,000 for Vintage, a project celebrating and renewing the bold typographic fruit crate label designs from the early 1900s in the Yakima Valley. The whole project will cost $250,000 and Tieton Mosaic is responsible for raising money for the initiative. A successful Kickstarter campaign led to the funding of the TIE-IT-ON Terrier mosaic. Another two mosaics (Garretson Moon Brand and HY-LAND-KIDS) are complete and installed thanks to local fruit families. Tieton Mosaic will design and create seven glass tile mosaics in total, approximately 9 x 9 feet featuring local fruit labels that will be installed in public locations around the town of Tieton. Follow along as we reach our funding goal, one giant mosaic at a time.